Learning to Love Latin

“…Steps should be taken so that the faithful may also be able to say or to sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass which pertain to them (Sancrosanctum concilium 54).”

Mass Setting for Advent & Christmas

Starting the First Sunday of Advent, we will return to singing Diana Corliss’ Mass of the Blessed Mother.  We sang this setting last year, so it should be familiar to many of you, but we are including sound files and sheet music downloads below to help.

Memorial Acclaimation
Agnus Dei

Gloria Pronunciation Guide

Download a general Latin pronunciation guide here: Pronunciation Guide

Gloria Practice Video

Download the chant notation here.

“Learning to Love Latin” Workshop, Session 2 (8/11/21)

“Learning to Love Latin” Workshop, Session 3 (8/18/21)