Children (K-5)

St Mark utilizes a family catechesis model, where parents and children will attend together at the parish, once a month. At the monthly session, you will be given the information and materials that you will need to teach that month’s lesson at home.

We understand that family life is busy with many activities that compete for time and attention. The Family Catechesis model, however, will give you easy and practical tools to integrate our beautiful Catholic faith into the rhythm of daily life and in your domestic church at home. Family catechesis will be “a school for the Lord’s service,” not just learning about the faith, but also how to live it out.

For any questions, call Karol Seydel at 720-348-9700, ext 216

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Children in the 2nd grade prepare to celebrate their First Confession and First Holy Communion. Before beginning this preparation, a child must complete a year of formal religious education in a Catholic school, or a parish program completed at the parish/home.  For more information regarding sacraments, click here

If you have a child that is in 3rd grade or older, and has not celebrated First Confession/First Holy Communion, please contact Karol Seydel at 720-348-9700, ext 216.