Adult Faith Formation

Band of Brothers Men’s Ministry: Clothed with Power from on High

Starts Jun. 10
Meets the second Saturday of each month through Sept. 9

Have a plan of action. Battles are often won or lost before they begin.
–The Manual of a Christian Knight

The battle for souls, the family, and a Christian society is real. As a man, you are hard-wired to protect, to provide, and to lead. A Band of Brothers at St. Mark invite you to equip yourself and be empowered with the grace of the Sacraments for mission.

Questions? Contact Dan Timmerman at

That Man Is You

Every Friday at 6:00 am starting Sept. 15

Men: St. Paul begs us to live a life worthy of the call we have received! Though we are not worthy, by the grace of God, we too are more than conquerors. Let us first experience the superabundance of God’s love, peace, joy, and mercy so our hearts are ready to discover what we have truly been called to at our depths: called to mature manhood – called to joy – called to lift up our hearts and minds – called to bear fruit – called to unity and called to live a life worthy of the call we have received!  

We begin with a light breakfast at 6:00 am (optional Rosary at 5:30). 

Questions? Call Scott Danitz (720) 234-4208.