Diana Corliss

Director of Sacred Music/Liturgical Coordinator

(720) 348-9700 x213


St. Augustine’s vision of God was as “beauty ever ancient, ever new.” This is the same vision that motivates Diana Corliss to rediscover and pass along the Catholic Church’s rich musical heritage. Whether drawing from the Church’s ancient tradition or exploring contemporary sacred works, she remains committed to keeping the beauty and worship of God at the forefront of all her efforts.

For the past sixteen years, Diana’s professional work has largely focused on sacred music, choral conducting, and voice instruction. In her current position as Director of Sacred Music at St. Mark Catholic Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, she has developed a music program that is faithful to the Church’s tradition while remaining approachable and sensitive to the pastoral needs of the parish. She currently directs two ensembles, the Choir of St. Mark and the St. Mark Chamber Choir, whose performances have elevated the parish’s liturgical experience and have earned them much praise and affection from parishioners and visitors alike.

An engaging teacher and presenter, Diana regularly hosts concerts, community events, and workshops at her parish to help deepen the understanding of the liturgy and sacred music. As a vocal instructor, she combines her understanding of evidence-based voice pedagogy, her musicality, and her spiritual insights to create relatable content for students at all levels. She is devoted to helping vocalists sing with freedom, wholeness, and a clear sense of purpose, a passion that she carries into her work as a choral conductor.

Also an active composer and arranger, Diana is dedicated to making her own contribution to the treasury of sacred music. Her work can be heard regularly at Mass and parish concerts.

Diana holds a Masters of Music in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. As a singer, Diana has garnered accolades for her performance of contemporary American music and French art-song. During her time in Princeton, she regularly collaborated with composers and premiered new works. As a church musician, she has a particular affinity for singing the music of St. Hildegard von Bingen.

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