Our Brief History

About Our Parish

History of St. Mark Catholic Church

In late November of 1999, Bishop Richard Hanifen, Bishop of the Diocese of Colorado Springs determined a need for a parish in west Highlands Ranch. Fr. Larry Solan was charged with founding a parish to serve the Catholic Community.

During planning meetings potential parishioners discussed a vision for the new parish. Many families described experiences of impersonal and distant Catholic communities, and stated a desire for a warm, welcoming church. And from these conversations the mission was decided, the new parish would be a place where all would feel welcomed and included.

The first Mass for the new parish community was celebrated on Palm Sunday, April 16, 2000 at Thunder Ridge High School. On that Sunday parishioners of the new parish brought food for a potluck after the Mass, to enjoy fellowship. The next week three Masses were celebrated and the parish family grew to over 1,000 people.

St. Mark moved quickly to establishing a loving and accepting parish of dedicated servants to the Word of God and His people. The church building was dedicated on April 25, 2005, on the feast day of St. Mark. The community celebrated with Mass and family activities.

Ministry is an important part of our church. With more than fifty ministries, St. Mark is a vital faith community making a difference. The Parish is teaching the word of God, working as good stewards of time, talent and treasure, helping other in need both near and far, and welcoming new members to the faith family.

St. Mark continues to move forward and grow in numbers, spirituality, focus, stewardship and strength. If the past is any indication of the future, St. Mark will continue to move and grow, basking in the love and friendship that are present here. More importantly we will continue to work to fulfill the mission given to us by our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

St. Mark Parish Prayer
I believe that I am blessed to have been created to be here at St, Mark at this time. I believe that I have been called to be here right now since before I was formed in my mother's womb. Lord, help me believe that every pathway has been leading me to You, St. Mark and to the unfolding journey our entire community has been experiencing. Guide us as we proceed into Your future together. Let us be people of praise, thanksgiving, sacrifice, and kindness for one another as we discover that which we need. Let not my will but Your will be done!


Mission Statement of St. Mark Catholic Church
St. Mark Roman Catholic Church is a vibrant, welcoming and Christ-centered community of faith. We celebrate Christ's presence in our lives, in our Sacraments and through the proclamation of God's Word. We connect with our community by sharing in Christ's mission with the Spirit as our guide. We commit God's gifts of our time, talent and treasure in ministry to others.
Our Vision
Through our journey, the Light of Christ will be reflected in the life of St. Mark Catholic Church transforming lives, families, community, and the world God has entrusted to us. We, the community of St. Mark, seek to breathe life, love, and faith into God's story by providing a living example of Christ's teaching. We give this meaning as we work to become a community:
• that invites and welcomes neighbors and strangers into our faith family.
• of faith, learning and teaching Roman Catholic beliefs, tradition, sacraments, and values.
• where faith formation is a journey centered in Christ and the scriptures, with a special emphasis on the Gospel values of St. Mark, our patron saint.
• where stewardship, which is central to our faith, we serve as stewards through the contribution of our time, talent, and treasures.
• that believes in and commits to prayers of praise, petition, forgiveness, and thanksgiving in the traditions of the Church.
We live this by recognizing Christ in our midst. We touch one another and our world with the light and hope that only Christ can provide through each one of us. Inspired by the Holy Spirit we strive to gift our world with the breath of life, love and faith.