The Crossroads of Faith and K–12 Education

Sunday, Sept. 19 at 6:30 pm
Childcare is available. RSVP at the link below.

Presented by Faithful Citizenship

Join us for a powerful discussion on the current issues affecting the education and moral foundations of our children. Learn what is happening in Douglas County and the state of Colorado, and what you can do as a parent to protect the future of our youth.

Our panel:

Deborah Flora: Deborah Flora is an award-winning producer, 710 KNUS Radio Host, and Director of Public Policy at Salem Radio Denver. She is also the president and founder of Parents United America, galvanizing parents to stand for their right to be the ultimate authority in their children’s lives. She has been featured on Fox News, Newsmax, Townhall, the Sean Hannity Show, and Sebastian Gorka’s “America First,” to name a few. In media, Deborah and her husband Jonathan have created films, commercials, and television programs, but their favorite productions are their two wonderful children.

Debbie Chaves: Debbie Chaves is a respected public policy advisor, strategist, and liaison to church and community leaders. As Executive Director of Colorado Family Action and the CFA Foundation, she works in alliance with 39 other state family policy councils and multiple national organizations to utilize her faith as the catalyst for social change. She trains and launches biblical citizenship teams in communities across Colorado who stand up to assure religious freedom is upheld, parental rights are respected, and constitutional liberties are protected.

Will Johnson: Will Johnson helps lead the Douglas County chapter of FAIR, a group that advocates in K–12 schools for judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin ( His education policy-related writings have been featured in The Daily Signal, The Gazette, and Complete Colorado. He is a St. Mark parishioner, and lives in Highlands Ranch with his wife Liz and their three kids.