How to Receive Communion

Our diocese recently published a video called “Guidelines for Receiving Communion” as part of Bishop Golka’s vision for Eucharist Revival. The video (linked below) is well-done and employs a bit of humor to address a very serious matter: how to properly receive our Lord in Holy Communion.

I’ve said before that Eucharistic Revival is already a reality at St. Mark. I couldn’t be more grateful for the reverence and devotion you as a parish family show to our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Still, this video is worth 10 minutes of your time, either as reinforcement for what we’re already doing, or as something to share with family and friends.

Because we at St. Mark “get it” when it comes to the Eucharist, it is our responsibility to help our bishop and the Church as a whole to spread the word about how to worthily honor and receive our Lord in Holy Communion. So please consider sharing this video on social media or in any other way you find appropriate.

Per Mariam in Christo,
Fr. Bierbaum