Walking with Moms in Need

In January, our parish held a “Gabriel Sunday” at which we introduced Walking with Moms in Need, a process in which Catholic communities respond to the needs of pregnant and parenting women. The Gabriel Project is one of the ways our diocese does this.

Thirteen women in our parish have been trained to offer spiritual and emotional support to moms in need. These volunteers, called “Angels” (after the Angel Gabriel), were commissioned on June 4. They are ready to assist women in our parish or in the community by walking with them during their pregnancy. For information, contact Valerie Haas at 303.956.5476. If you are a mom in need, or you know one, give us a call at 720.819.6735, or visit https://www.diocs.org/Pastoral-Services/Respect-Life-Apostolate/Walking-with-Moms-in-Need.

Diocesan Ministry Appeal

The God who created the sun tells us in today’s Gospel, “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14).

Just as you are a light, our Diocesan Ministry Appeal is a light for all who rely on the ministries of our Church.  Without your support, we can’t reach those who need Christ’s light to see. With your help, we can increase our impact, draw our neighbors into God’s house, and help your local church burn brightly. You’ll shine brightly yourself when you give alms… he promised you would (Matthew 6:22-23). Thank you, on behalf of our neighbors!

Benedict XVI Resources

We are assembling this collection of online resources in honor of our late Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. We hope you find the information educational as well as inspirational. Check back to see any new additions.


Ignatius Press

Catholic World Report

Word on Fire

Other Commentary

Sign Up for Adoration

We currently offer Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament several times a week, plus all day on First Fridays. Please consider signing up as a scheduled adorer for an hour-long slot during these times. Click on the button below to see available times and sign up.

Of course, you are always welcome to stop by and spend time with the Lord during Adoration without signing up.

UPDATE: We now offer Adoration on Mondays from 3:00–8:00 pm!