Dear St. Mark family,

I am very grateful to Dr. McNamara for coming to St. Mark and giving us an enlightening catechesis on the beauty and theology of authentic sacred architecture. Too often and for many years this topic has been governed primarily by taste and personal preference, or well-intended but misguided theology, rather than what Sacred Scripture and the reality of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass actually call for.

As we have discussions about the future expansion and design of various aspects of our parish campus, it is critical that our discussions be informed by what Sacred Scripture and the Church’s teaching actually say. To that end, I am sharing Dr. McNamara’s talks with you all. There are four one-hour talks. I ask everyone to invest the time to watch all of them. This will be immensely helpful in our plans for the future.

In Christ through Mary,
Fr. Bierbaum

Click on the links below to watch Dr. Denis McNamara’s Presentations:



The Bible and Church Architecture: Making the Church Look Like Heaven





Rediscovering Tradition in Architecture

Seeing the Face of God: Understanding Sacred Images

Application with Recent Examples