Middle School Youth Group (7-8)


Do you ever get bored with following the latest trends and dumbed down living? Life has to be about more than just how many ‘Likes’ we can get or how long our we can keep our ‘Snap Streaks’ going, right?!

You are made for GREATNESS!

Come to Middle School Ministry to find out how to live lives of greatness!

Current Series:


Who is Jesus Christ? Why did He become a man? What did He do while He was alive?
Why did He have to die? What will happen when I die?

Kingdom Come explores the life of Christ taking you through the great drama of His life from the very beginning at the Nativity, to His Death on the cross, and all the way to His second coming. It brings to light who Jesus is and the great love that He shows through every single thing He did while He was living and continues to do until the end of time. You will come to a greater understanding of the greatness and the power of Christ as well as their own eternal destiny

November 15th – Triumphant: Jesus’ Resurrection & Ascension


November 29th – A Legacy: The Last Things

December 6th – Rest: Death & Grief

December 13th – Eternal Kingdom: Jesus’ Second Coming & Final Judgment

Parent Letters – English
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The middle school ministry program serves as the Sacremanet Preparation for Confirmation. Youth are required to participate in faith formation for a year prior to entering into their Confirmation year – a teen who faithfully attends Middle School Ministry in 7th AND 8th Grade will be prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Spring of their 8th Grade year. For more information please see the Middle School Ministry & Confirmation Packet.

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