Qahal (9-12)

Mondays, 7:00-8:30pm

This youth group is intended for High School teens who want to be in community with their peers, encounter Jesus and learn what it means to be his disciples in their daily lives. This is done in a semi-weekly large group setting with topical series teachings and small group discussions.


Current Series- ENCOUNTER: Personal Prayer

This series is designed to help teenagers grow as disciples. ENCOUNTER: Personal Prayer focuses on developing a personal relationship with Jesus through prayer. It teaches and provides opportunities to pray Lectio Divina, the Jesus Prayer, and the Ignation Examen.

March 27th        Vital: The Vital Battle of Prayer
April 3rd      Heart to Heart: Lectio Divine
April 10th      Unceasing: The Jesus Prayer
April 24th     Reflect: Ignatian Examin


MARCH 2017
APRIL 2017