Welcome Letter

quezada_fr_012Peace be with you and your families!

Social media as a central way of communication is now a part of our lives as disciples. It is a new way of bringing the Word of God to those who have not heard it and to those unto whom perhaps the Lord’s voice has gone silent where once it was heard loud and clear. This is the reason for The New Evangelization.

The New Evangelization is a way of a disciple’s life that we often speak of at St. Mark Catholic Church. So it is with Stewardship! As true disciples of Christ, Stewardship is how we flesh that out. SYMBOLON, a program launched in the new year is but another way in which we desire to learn about the catholic faith and be actively a part of The New Evangelization.

A parish website, is but one way that social media challenges the Church to keep itself updated with the faithful and the faithful in turn, to count on another way of staying in touch with the latest at our faith family, the parish of St. Mark!

A website, “email blasts”, texts, emails, are never a replacement for the human touch in our personal communication as a faith family. Nor will it ever replace the Gospel of Our Lord itself. It is a resource God has stewarded for our use. At St. Mark Catholic Church, personal faith encounters at the parish herself and the relationships found and nurtured, will be the primary ways of encountering Christ the Lord.

Let us never lose the beauty of the gifts of life God has granted us at birth! May our parish website awaken in us the desire to know more about our precious Catholic treasures and serve as a tool how to be steady stewards of our time, talent and treasure.

Our ONLINE GIVING tab is a seamless process! When traveling, please know your tithe through online giving is a blessing and necessary to our executing our ministry.

Learn more about our Catholic PreSchool St. Katharine Drexel while on our website!

Blessings and peace to all of you who visit.
In Christ and Mary our Mother,

Rev. Francisco J. Quezada